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Get Expert Advice and Transform Your Career

Get Expert Advice and Transform Your Career

Applying to an MBA program is the first step toward a life-changing experience. MBA admissions consulting from Admissions Unlimited will meet you at your career crossroads, transforming uncertainty into inspiration, confidence, and compelling MBA applications.

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Admissions Committee Experience at Top MBA Programs

While working for the University of Chicago and Berkeley Haas business schools, I observed how the MBA admissions process is often a roller-coaster ride of hope, uncertainty, passion, and frustration for applicants.

Many excellent candidates gain admission, other admissible candidates get rejected, and many candidates are completely misdirected in their efforts.

I could tell what made intelligent, accomplished candidates just barely miss the target. Often I thought that it was too bad they did not seek out more advice on the MBA admissions process or school selection.

Even candidates whose applications were on the fast track to the “reject” pile deserved valuable insights on how to better direct their efforts. If only someone would reach out to guide them to the top….

That’s why I went into MBA admissions consulting. 

One-on-One Consulting

My goal is to help you build an application that showcases your strengths and talents, passions, and fit with each target school.

What’s your “wow factor”? Not sure? I will ask you questions about your personal and professional backgrounds and help you discover what makes you stand out from others with similar profiles. By listening closely, I will help you figure out what stories to tell and how to present your "best self" to admissions committees.

I will support you through the entire MBA admissions process – or on any piece of it requiring particular attention. 

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MBA Admissions Results

My hundreds of clients have been admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Tuck, Columbia, MIT Sloan, Berkeley Haas, Yale, NYU Stern, Cornell, Duke Fuqua, Darden, Michigan Ross, UCLA, USC, Texas McCombs, Vanderbilt Owen, UNC, LBS, INSEAD, IESE, Oxford, Cambridge, HEC, among others.

What to Expect



Get initial feedback on your overall candidacy and answers to general application questions.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Clarify your career goals, choose target schools, and identify your strengths and accomplishments.



Develop an effective, comprehensive approach tailored for each MBA application.



Receive guidance throughout the entire process -- resumes, essays, recommendations, and interviews.


Testimonials from Happy Clients

Absolutely Critical, Worth Every Penny!

When I was looking for consultants, I asked one (not Mennette) if they could help me understand why they were so expensive. They literally replied, “We have plenty of clients who pay in full before their first call. Either hire us or don’t.” This is not what you want. You want someone who gets to know YOU – your personality, motivations, desires, and the way your brain works – and helps you convey all that to your target schools. Mennette Larkin does this flawlessly. She’s patient, curious, caring, and holds a high standard. She will not only help you put your best foot forward, but also help you learn about yourself. If you work with Mennette, I guarantee you will put forth stellar, genuine applications. Based on my experience, schools acknowledge that with acceptances. Don’t think twice, hire Mennette.

R1- GSB / Sloan Admit

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mennette. She was very responsive and provided very honest feedback, clear communication, and effective support during the application process. Mennette guided me along a self-reflecting journey and pushed me to delve further into my personal and professional experiences. We went through numerous drafts into a single essay, simply because the essay had yet to reach its full potential to fully reflect me as an applicant and to standout. Mennette had the highest attentiveness to her work and willingness to see everything through hand in hand with me. I developed a partnership in which we could trust each other to be focused and working together towards a clear common objective, i.e. to give me the best chance of admission at the best schools. I recommend her highly to anyone who is willing to put in the work.

R1 HBS / Wharton Admit

Working with Mennette was one of the best decisions I made during the application process. She was always candid with me about my strengths and weaknesses and worked diligently to ensure I was putting my best self forward in the applications. What I appreciated most about working with Mennette was her willingness to have multiple, sometimes difficult, conversations to ensure the finished product was as polished as possible. The introspection required during the process can be difficult, and I appreciate her encouragement along the way. I can confidently say I would not have had such a robust application without her guidance. Mennette, thanks again for helping me achieve a dream.

R1 Kellogg Admit

I talked to several consultants before choosing Mennette, and one of the things that I liked most about her was that, aside from her experience in helping students from more traditional backgrounds, she also had experience helping students from Latin America. I found that very important since we have a lot of things that work differently here so it was great to work with someone who acknowledges those differences.

While working with Mennette, she truly helped me to put the best side of me on every application. When I wrote an essay that could be answered better with another of my stories, she told me about it so that I could make a better choice. I also liked that when I wrote essays that did not seem convincing, she encouraged me to draft the essay with another topic, until it seemed right. Similarly, I appreciated that when I was deciding which story to use for a question, she reached out to another consultant to get his point of view, so I witnessed that she really cared about any advice she gave.

Overall, she was very supportive and responsive throughout the whole process and helped me in a friendly way with all the questions I had.

R2 Admitted Wharton, Haas & Fuqua - Incredibly Helpful

Before I chose to work with Mennette, my criteria for a consultant were the following: someone that would be reliable and provide honest feedback, clear communication, and effective support. From the foremost conversation in August 2019, it was evident that she would exceed these criteria. Mennette guided me along an intrapersonal journey and truly pushed me to dig further into my personal and professional experiences. There were times when we’d be ten drafts into a single essay, simply because she knew the essay had yet to reach its full potential. This demonstrated her attentiveness to her work and willingness to see everything through with me. It truly was a partnership in which we could trust each other to be focused and working together towards a common goal.

I achieved a 700 on my GMAT – well below the average of the schools I was admitted to. I was awarded a full-ride merit scholarship to Fuqua and a fellowship to Wharton. I can’t stress enough that these accomplishments would not have happened without Mennette’s efforts.

Admitted with a Scholarship!

Mennette is an outstanding asset, and friend, to anybody attempting to navigate the maze that is MBA admissions. As a public sector applicant I was confused as to what, where, and how I should apply myself to meet my goals. Mennette provided me the counsel and expertise to achieve my goals (and get a scholarship to boot!). She required hard work on my side, was always there to prevent a misstep, and while she will not do the work for you, you will see a marked improvement in your work after she is through with you.

On a side note, my father is notorious in my family for being frugal. He believes that if you can do it yourself, you should. After he saw the improvement in my application essays and my resume he became less "anti-." After I was accepted at my target school he told me I probably made the right choice. After getting my scholarship he told me to pass her info on to my brother for his application.

Incredible Thought Partner - Admitted Duke FT MBA

Mennette was an incredible thought partner throughout my application process, ultimately making the difference in my admission to Fuqua (also received an interview at Haas but was waitlisted). Her dedication and reliability were second to none. I approached Mennette rather late in the summer as I was preparing my round 1 applications, feeling utterly lost in a sea of early essay drafts, and she found a way to take me on as a client with no spare in quality. I will always value her honesty, which not only brought out the best in me for my essays but also my interviews. She no doubt has a wealth of experience in the process (both in admissions and as a consultant for many years), though it was her partnership that was a key differentiation for me – she was on the edge of her seat waiting to hear from my after decision day. I highly recommend choosing Mennette.

Fall 2019 - Full-Time MBA

Mennette was an invaluable resource for me during my MBA application process. She is honest, reliable, and encouraging. Even during my intro chat, she was giving me advice on how to highlight my professional accomplishments on my resume. From there, she was able to help me focus on how to best highlight the strengths of my candidacy through essays and interviews. If I had to do this process again, I would absolutely work with Mennette again! I will be recommending her to friends and colleagues.

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